The surprises of life are reasons for not despair.

Life is surprises and no one is bobada I read there, because I can assure you, and now I have the urge to off on a personal blog, where the only thing I have done for this time is to be impartial and write and publish things in society itself.

It all starts, so he and I were always friends since 5th grade and was a very intense friendship, which made my life much, made me feel great and that after many years, I realize that the truth was always in love.

Well! I grano.After the decontrol of many months in my personal life, I took some time to relax, find peace that he had lost and see if indeed achieved in this way, quietly and taking the right attitude, find amor.Tenia a month he could not remove the mirada.nos returned retozábamos very good friends and, sometimes so obvious that he left between that I liked so much, my best friend knew what he was enamored of him and that he liked to time, we become a Bradshow Carrie of Sex and the City, looking for signs to see if I could one day, he would sexualidad.Y according to my surprise was that we carried seemed almost obvious. Yet, having learned many things the hard way in my personal life, I have no illusions and let the time to act.

So yesterday while I was connected on msn, I decided to talk seriously, time to bring the question that you would ask algoHel was dying of curiosity, but in the end, he never mentioned it, perhaps by I fear rejection, so I told my truth and my sex, not that I was freed disk or anything babosadas such, I felt normal and good to cosa.His reaction was “that cool! .

He said he was fine, that it is well nice, but I still, though I would have accepted, I felt complete, I wanted to achieve my cometido.He began to wonder curiosities yesterday, things senseless and allegedly confessing that he had another in our classroom bisexual, and I had no idea. His deal was that I told those guys I like the classroom, and I decided to say no, I did not dare because I had not given signals that were also bisexual, and that if he confessed that, and perhaps be asustaría I would say it to someone else.

Was much insistence, but he never said, then decided to let me with the dude.Yo know!. But it goes! … Curiosity kills the mouse, and I had to say and that was within him. And I said … I? and I told him: “Yeah, you tell me now.” But still I wanted to say.

The next day, I found everything that I have two years llmándole care and we confess that we were saved so many things for many years. It’s nice to know that someone you like, which you see almost every day, and you already know from long ago, we demonstrate that and prove to be someone who might have something nice for the first time.

Two friends who love each other, showing their feelings, and every day gave a look that is expected to reveal something more than they had between them was friendly, it’s nice to know, and for me, which I believe love does not exist, maybe this is a new chapter in my life, I want to open it in good shape, a nice stage, having learned so much with setbacks.

Thank you.

“In life it is not to find the PERFECT MATCH, try to have the right attitude to being in love.”


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