My Personal Life right now

Buenos Aires


Well … A lot has happened for a while here. And the truth is that I can say I like the way they are happening. I just received a comment from an American who says he does not understand anything because I´m posting in Spanish…and in some ways I think it would be best to also post in English.

As in the beginning and I tried to do. But, for post something very important about yourself, there’s nothing like our mother tongue with which to think. But I can not forget my foreign friends also! lol.

In fact these days I have learned a lot about attatchment to others and the world. Be a little more free and no strings attached to keep me hanging on to superficial things in life.

Have been weeks of hard study, study hard to pass examinations for which I have always had problems and others, and the truth is that I have learned a lot and I am not complaining.

Well..about nightlife, and other adventures could not say much, because Not much went out in these days. But the spontaneous date of lastnight was incredible, sex, love, friendships and a lot of fun . And that is what I like about not plan things in life, sometimes be spontaneous is better 🙂

But now comes the always we are looking for , love: In fact I already have several candidates! jajaj….I love their ways of being, Odalis has been one of the loveliest guys I’ve known for some time and just love the way they take is and make me feel live…. the most beautiful I’ve seen in a time of appearance and superficiality today. But more confusing is that there are several candidates! And in truth … I would like to spend the time to know about all that interesting guys 😀

The bad boy

I do not know if it will be some disruption, but the truth of a time to be here  I am still here to attract bad boys and masculine.From these days and I come with that in mind, but sometimes I put on my site jajajaja. . But why not? I am still very young! …. And believe me that life is meant to try everything and keep what you like, and see if the cute guy you met was a real crush or the bad was a simply sex-time. But as I say, not everything in life is writing and no one knows everything! …. That is the motivation that keeps us bound to continue experimenting! …. Wanting to go after, and the uncertainties and surprises that keeps

Quote of the day:

The sex was so good that even the neighbors had a cigarette.

See You guys ….. Isaac Yitzchak


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