Entrevista con mi estrella Porno Favorita :D

Beer or Mixed Drink? Mixed Drink, particularly “ Hen and Coke”. Blindfold or Handcuffs? If you asking about for someone else, handcuffs. So they can’t run. Lol! Boxers or briefs? Boxers…I like to let my men to be able to hang. Cash or credit? Cash….I like money. Top or Bottom position? I like you on the bottom, of course. I am strictly top. Oral or anal sex? Why? Oral, because it feels so damn good…lol. Cats or dogs? Dogs. I hate cats. Hard or soft porn? I like watching both types. Phone or person? Person. Straight to the business person. Girl or guy? Why? Both. They can both satisfy me. Noisy or quite sex? Quite. I am a quite dude, but I like to make the other person noisy…lol Ruff or gentle sex? Both. Depends on the person.

Favorite porn: Anything with Pinky in it. Favorite position: I like to be ridden. Favorite sex toy: Don’t use any. I have my own toy, and most like mine better than anything sold in the store. Most dangerous place I have done it: In a car while sitting in front a police station. Sexual fantasy: Having a girl and a dude at the same time. Strangest place I’ve done it: Movie Theater Favorite porn star you would like to work: Don’t have any. I’m my favorite star. My Favorites car: CLK Benz Drinks: Hen and Coke Fast food: Chick fil a Music: Lil Wayne TV show: CSI Miami…Florida dude. Video Games: PS3 Grand Theft Auto 4, Madden, and Fight Night Round Four Vacation spots: Miami, FL Sport Team: Arizona Cardinals Sneakers: Jordan’s Month: August.of course. Season: Summer


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