Google : Trou du Cul du web Nicolas Sarkozy

Ici on parle Français

French President Nicolas Sarkozy is again at the receiving of so-called Google bomb. The most zealous opponents of the policies of current French president could have not asked for more. His personal page on Facebook appears in the Top Google search results when you type a query from the French expression Trou du cul. In French it is roughly means ‘asshole’.

According to Google, in the case of French president some bloggers have created a lot of search engine searches, in which the page address of the French president appeared with abusive expressions.

It should be noted that in July 2009 there was same sort of humor going on about Sarkozy, but the text search request was somewhat different. Then website of the president was first in the Google’s list of search engine results for the phrase ‘trou du cul du web’ (ass on the internet).

According to AFP, many world leaders at various times have been subjected to Google bombing. A page about the former British Prime Minister Tony Blair was the Top Google result when searched for the word ‘liar’, and the Internet site of the former U.S. President George W. Bush appeared in a search engine when searched with the words ‘a pathetic loser’.


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