Sony Vaio VPC-CW17FX/W Characteristics

Color: White  – CW Series of  Sony

Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo T6600

Speed: 2200 Mhz

HDD: 500 GB

RAM: 4GB =  4096 MB (8192MB max)

Screen: 14.0″ LED Backlight

Resolution: 1366 x 768 pixel

Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce G210M

Optical: CD, DVD, CD-R/RW, DVD-R/RW

Wireless: WiFi Wireless

Special: Free Software Bundle, Webcam with Microphone, Bluetooth, WiFi.

OS:  Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit

Average price:  >Here


From:  (Honolulu, HI)

I researched for a while on a laptop, I wanted one that could process very well but also be used for fun on the go. A well rounded laptop without a price that would leave me in debt (being a college student). The Sony Vaio VPCCW17FX, meets all my needs and more.

Just about everything, but specifically,

The keyboard: Possibly one of the most comfortable and ergonomic laptop keyboard I have ever typed on, I’m typing this review on the laptop right now. The keys are individual buttons with just the right spacing popped up out of the base of the laptop. It kinda reminds me of the Macbook keyboard. In fact the whole computer looks and feels like a macbook that was assimilated by Sony.

Blu-ray player with a HDMI output is a nice feature, most likely you already have a blu-ray player if you have a HDTV and are buying blu-ray discs, however its a portable one that you can just hook up to your HDTV and be ready to go.

This model also includes a SD card reader and a HG Duo reader right in the front, very convenient.

Touch pad is also very nice, has a good feel to it and the click buttons are actual buttons so you know exactly when you are clicking things, my only complaint with the touch pad is using the right side to scroll pages doesn’t always work but it works well enough.

Intel core duo2 processor is fast makes this computer fly with the windows 7 home premium edition 64-bit default OS, I haven’t had any performance issues yet and I was surely putting it to the test installing 3-4 programs at a time while downloading 2-3 more. Not a hiccup while the installations were in progress. Runs games well, on lower settings mainly due to the graphics card being the weakest component in the package for game play (according to the windows experience rating).

The 14.1 inch WIDE screen is beautiful with a LED back light, it doesn’t ever seem to heat up, and the core itself stays cool for long periods of time. Some have the opinion that its a little small however I think its the perfect size for a portable computer, if I wanted a large screen I would just hop on my desktop PC.

Easily accessible USB ports 2 on the left side 1 on the right, could use more but its pretty good.

It feels good, looks good and has a good weight to it, I’ve heard some people complain that its too heavy, however if it was any lighter I think it would feel cheap, the only thing that doesn’t look top notch are the hinges, however they aren’t flimsy or anything like that, and they flow well, so it leads me to believe that its just the light im looking at it in.

This laptop never ever seems to get hot, I had it on for 7 plus hours and it still felt cold to the touch. The only time I’ve ever felt heat from this laptop was when I was running graphics intensive games, where the left side of the laptop where the GPU (graphics card) exhaust is emitted heat, it got hot but not extremely burn hot, I’d also like to mention that only that part of the laptop heated up and no where else. Also worth mentioning is that when I exited the game, within minutes the GPU became cold to the touch again. This laptop seems to have a very efficient cooling system.

Another thing I’d like to point out that the laptop comes with a free ONE YEAR of TrackItback service from Sony, if you register your laptop with them. Basically you stick a sticker on your laptop saying that if its found to call the number and get a reward for returning the laptop. Its a nice service if you ever foresee yourself misplacing or forgetting it anywhere, although if I found this thing…well ID RETURN IT OF COURSE.

Speakers are a bit soft for a Blu-Ray player, even at the max volume, its a bit on the softer side. Not a biggie since I will not be using the speakers for blu-ray playback, a handy set of headphones or ear buds easily solves this con.

Although the finish is beautiful, it makes me nervous to touch the computer, I leave fingerprints everywhere and I’m uneasy resting my hands on the rests beneath the keyboard, because it feels like I’m going to leave smudges.

Battery life is about 4 hours on normal settings (the settings that the computer comes with out of the box. You can choose to boost battery life by changing various settings though, such as screen brightness and the way the computer uses the battery life in order to facilitate faster processing.

Overall the pros for this laptop outweigh the cons, and I believe that its a great buy, especially if you get it on sale. I think Sony hit a home run with this laptop in both ascetics and hardware. Its honestly a powerhouse of a laptop for the price you are paying and I recommend it.


4 thoughts on “Sony Vaio VPC-CW17FX/W Characteristics

  1. Hi, I have this model of vaio and recently I upgrade its windows to 7 professional, but now my function key doesn’t work 😦 does anyone know how can I fix this problem? 😦

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