About Me

College Student, basically studying Law and French. I am mordant, random and black humor lover. Interested in technology and society issues. Crude and Bizarre by nature.

My favorite  quotes are : “First I think, therefore I am ‘. -Descartes – “I am I and my circumstance, and if it does not save it I can not save me.” -Ortega y Gasset –

I live in the heart of Caribbean, a place of great contracts, multicultural, happy, influenced by many migratory flows and people. Hope someday to live in Australia.

I´m a technology lover, stuffs that make life more confortable, Twitter addict, A blogger wannabe , only by hobbie, with the intention to share to world my ideas. Interested in world problems, society, cultures and the relevant events that are changing the world. Fascinated with languages, I’m  twitter translator and people that come from the other side of world. I know english, portuguese , spanish and coming soon french … and a little bit japanese. Konichiwa!










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